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Little Gecko Coffee Roasters

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113 Blackshaws Road Newport


Little Gecko Coffee Roasters was established in South Melbourne in 2013 as a hole in the wall coffee shop and rapidly expanded to open its Micro Roaster Cafe in Newport at the end of 2017.

We dedicate ourselves into sourcing the best coffee beans and use our experience roasting skills to give an amazing product to our customers.

Our Coffee Beans are freshly roasted in store every day to ensure the freshness of our product to suit your coffee taste buds. 

We distribute our coffee wholesale to offices and coffee shops around Victoria.  

You can find our coffee to taste at the following locations: 

  • Beyond Organics Prahran  
  • Harmonia Health South Melbourne
  • Altona Fresh Newport 
  • Peko Peko South Melbourne
  • Cafe Nomics Laverton North

If you are interested in stocking our coffee in your office at work or cafe please get in touch with us at 


Our Coffee

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Little Gecko

Original Blend

Buy now in store

Buy now in store

The Original Blend is our first coffee blend. It took Olivier more than a year to perfect the blend – winning little gecko a bronze medal at the Australian International Coffee Award in 2016 for their first entry at competition level.

The Original Blend is a well balanced mix of Organic Fair Trade Arabica Beans sourced from Ethiopia and Sumatra.

The beans are roasted to perfection, producing an amazing Golden Velvety Nectar finish with notes of Berries and Caramel.

This is the coffee to get out of bed for...

Buy now in store

Buy now in store

Little Gecko

Sumatra Single Origin

Our Sumatra Single Origin Organic bean is Fair Trade and grows in a sub-tropical climate over 1300 meters above sea level in the North Island of Indonesia.

These beans are roasted on a medium roast to bring you a Blackcurrant, Sweet Tropical Zesty flavour with a unique Earthy finish on the palate.

These beautiful beans are an all-rounder... 


Little Gecko

Buy now in store

Buy now in store

Ethiopia Sidamo
Single Origin

Our Sidamo Single Origin Organic bean is Fair Trade and has been cultivated by Ethiopian farmers for over 50 years in the southern province of Sidamo in Ethiopia. 

These beans are roasted on a medium to dark roast to bring you an Apricot, Orange flavour finished by a Dark Chocolate note.

These are the perfect coffee beans for espresso lovers...


Little Gecko


Don Diego 

Our Don Diego Blend is one of our customers favourite coffee blends consisting of three different types of fair trade beans sourced from Brazil, Honduras  and Mexico.

These beans were roasted on a medium roast to buy you a smooth, nutty and low acidity coffee best enjoyed with any type of milk. 


Little Gecko


Swiss Water

Our Swiss Water Decaf Single Origin Organic beans have been naturally processed solely using water and osmosis to decaffeinate the beans. 

The beans are roasted on a medium to dark roast to bring you a chocolate note with a caramel Finnish. 



A word about

Our Growers


Behind Every Cup

Is a Story

Behind every cup of coffee served at Little Gecko is the story of those who brought it to you. We would like our customers to be conscious of the time it takes for a coffee bean to get from plantation to your taste buds.

Plantation + 2-3 months + Germination + 2-3 years + Flowering + Harvest + Processing + Exporting + Roasting

As you can see the process takes over 3 years. Little Gecko supports Fair Trade Coffee in order to ensure that the people involved behind every cup are treated equally and fairly.

Beans are sourced from Fair Trade farms and plantations

Beans are sourced from Fair Trade farms and plantations

People involved behind the cup are treated equally and fairly

People involved behind the cup are treated equally and fairly

Only organic treating methods are used to give the beans their flavor

Only organic treating methods are used to give the beans their flavor

Finally ready to pour

Finally ready to pour

Quality Ingredients

Sourced Ethically

Our Fair Trade Organic Arabica coffee beans have been carefully selected to bring you a high quality roasted coffee. At Little Gecko we care about quality ingredients.

Do you know the difference between normal coffee beans and organic coffee beans? Normal coffee has been sprayed with pesticide and agricultural chemicals and these harmful residues can stay in our systems for a long period of time when drinking coffee. The organic coffee on the other hand is harder to grow but is grown without the aid of agricultural chemicals substances, pesticides or herbicides. The method used by Organic farmers strengthen their natural environment thus making them more resistant to diseases. So we bring to you a variety of Fair Trade Organic Coffee for you to enjoy in good health.

Olivier's Story

 From Mauritius to Melbourne

Olivier grew up in tropical Mauritius listening to coffee stories his grandfather told him as a young boy, this is where the seed to Olivier's passion for coffee was first planted. Olivier learned how to make coffee doing work experience at the Shandrani five star resort in Mauritius before he left for Switzerland to study international hospitality and tourism management in Luzern. It wasn't until Olivier found his way to the vibrant streets of Melbourne where the rich coffee aroma and coffee culture is undeniable that his passion for good coffee was truly ignited. He found himself working as a Cafe Manager under a mentor who taught Olivier the importance of good coffee. Olivier's passion soon expanded beyond the cup to the beans, learning about, and using different blends, origins and roasts so he could deliver you the Little Gecko's Fair Trade Organic Coffee Bean range.