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Our Blends

Little Gecko Coffee Roasters has been providing coffee lovers with delicious, freshly roasted coffee for years, and on this page, you can find out more information about all of our coffee blends.


Our Don Diego Blend is one of our customer's favorite coffee blends consisting of three different types of fair trade beans sourced from Brazil, Honduras, and Mexico.

These beans were roasted on a medium roast to buy you a smooth, nutty and low-acidity coffee best enjoyed with any type of milk. 


The original blend was our first coffee blend. It took Olivier more than one year to perfect the blend winning little gecko a bronze medal at the Australian International Coffee Award in 2016 for their first entry at the competition level

The Original Blend is a well-balanced mix of Fair Trade Arabica Beans sourced from Ethiopia and Sumatra.

The beans were roasted to perfection producing an amazing Golden Velvety Nectar finish with notes of berries and caramel.

This is the coffee to get out of bed for...


El Patron is a single origin from Columbia grown by the farmers of the Caldas region.

The beans are roasted on a medium roast, leaving you with a juicy cup of chocolate & raspberry fruit acidity, moving to a long-lasting sweet caramel finish.


Our Sidamo Single Origin bean is Fair Trade and has been cultivated by Ethiopian farmers for over 50 years in the southern province of Sidamo in Ethiopia. 

These beans are roasted on a medium to dark roast to bring you an Apricot, Orange flavor finished by a Dark Chocolate note.

These are the perfect coffee beans for espresso lovers...


Our Swiss Water Decaf Single Origin beans have been naturally processed solely using water and osmosis to decaffeinate the beans. 

The beans are roasted on a medium to dark roast to bring you a chocolate note with a caramel Finnish. 

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